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Greetings Dear One!

I'm Lady Amaran

Life-Alchemy Guide and Energy Healer to those stuck trudging through the muck and mire of life and are ready to face down their dragons and reclaim their true magical potential through alignment, empowerment, and co-creation with the Great Creator.


Meet Lady Amaran


Every Good Adventure Needs A Good Map. Your Life Is No Exception!

And lucky for you, I just happen to have YOUR map right here!
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The Adventure of Transformation

Journey into the forest. This is your personal journey, a quest to rediscover and reclaim your power and your purpose, but you don't have to walk this path alone. 

Allow me to walk with you along your way and offer tools and guidance to help you discover, uplift, and defend who you are so you can become who you were created to be.

In this healing forest, you are safe to remember and reclaim who you are to fulfill your Divine Purpose. 


The Sacred Forest

Reclaim Your Magic Guidance Session


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Side Quests

Take off your shoes and step into the healing crystal cave, and look into the pool of reflection.

Together, we'll help you discover who you truly are meant to be, and balance and unblock your energetic body so that you can more easily recover and claim your power to be all you were created to be.


   The Crystal Cave     The Crystal Alcove    The Pool of Reflection   The Field of Time

Full Chakra Recalibration    Mini Chakra Recalibration         Intuitive Insight Reading               Sacral Session      


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