Meet Your Guide

 You are MAGIC, but you must claim your Inner Power

Lady Amaran's core mission is to Disrupt the victim consciousness through self-empowerment and sustainability. Teaching others to truly love themselves, understanding that self-love is the greatest creative power they have, and that through this power they take responsibility for their lives as co-creators with the Great Creator to achieve their highest potential.



Meet Lady Amaran

Amaran Nicole Sage, aka Lady Amaran, is a Time Bender, a guide, and a healer who works with those who are ready to reclaim their uniquely awesome self.  Lady Amaran guides seekers through the journey of understanding their authentic self, energetic expressions, and claiming their personal power to co-create their reality with the Great Creator through energetic awareness and alignment.

As a seeker herself, Lady Amaran knows what it is like to feel like a stranger in her own skin, purposeless and lost in the noise of the world, and how important it is to find and become the true you to truly embody joy.  

In fact, as someone who has taken this journey herself, Lady Amaran knows all too well some of the consequences that can come from not living true to who you are created to be.  She spent the first half of her life battling severe depression, constant illness, additions, and “acting out” because she had been conditioned from a young age to not be the fulfillment of her true design.  But through this journey, she rediscovered the person she always know, deep down in her depths, that she really was.  Now, as she embraces her authentic and unique nature, her mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual states are more balanced and aligned with her wellbeing and she is able to flow through the challenges of life with awareness and a greater ability to adjust instead of getting carried away by the storms.  It is Lady Amaran’s desire to guide those who are ready to genuinely and confidently reclaim their value and highest potential so they can sustainably live out their Divine Purpose with greater clarity and ease.

Lady Amaran has garnered a lot of experience as an intuitive guide in her life as it’s always been a passion for her to use her Creator-given intuitive and empathic skills to help others navigate the sea of life.  She now combines her guiding talent with her training in Quantum Human Design, Crystal Healing and other modalities to help her clients go even deeper in understanding and navigating their authentic design, purpose, and journey.

Lady Amaran is a trained level one reiki practitioner, an intuitive card reader, and has taken courses in biofield tuning, human design and quantum human design, herbology, astrology, trauma-informed coaching, and more, that she weaves into her practice.

Lady Amaran has been certified as a CCP (Certified Crystal Practitioner) and ACM (Advanced Crystal Master) through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, and a QHDL2 Specialist (Certified Level 2 Quantum Human Design Specialist) through the Karen Curry Parker School of Quantum Human Design.

Outside of her passion for helping others achieve their highest potential, Lady Amaran loves to learn and is particularly fascinated with science and history. She is a huge Disney fan, and spends most of her downtime either working on building her LEGO Mountain Town or playing tabletop games with friends and family. She’s always up for an episode of Supernatural or The UnXplained, and enjoys as much time as she can get in the mountains where her soul truly comes alive.